The Build Process

Initial Consultation and Build Level Selection:

Contact us to discuss your transmission needs, such as performance goals, vehicle type, and desired build level.

Choose the appropriate build level (e.g., street performance, racing, or track) based on your requirements.

Shipping Coordination:

Once you decide to proceed, prepare your transmission for shipping. Remove the transmission from the vehicle and securely strap it down to a pallet.  We can coordinate pickup with Fedex Freight, or you can ship it to our facility. Ensure proper packaging to prevent damage during transit.

Receiving and Assessment:

Upon receipt of your transmission, we will inspect it to assess its condition and confirm the build specifications. Quality of the core will affect the timeline and potentially the final cost, based on required replacements and upgrades.

Build Process:

Begin the custom transmission build according to the agreed specifications. Replace worn or damaged parts and install the high-quality components suitable for the chosen build level. Assemble and install the appropriate clutch counts and other components based on the selected configuration. Typical build time is 3-5 business days after receipt of the unit, but this may vary depending on core
quality and current workload.

Completion and Payment:

After the build is complete, we will contact you for payment.  Payment is due at this stage,
after which we prepare the transmission for shipment.

Return Shipping:

Once we have received your payment, we will arrange shipping via Fedex Freight to return the transmission to you.  We provide tracking information so you can monitor the shipment's progress.

Break In Procedure:

Once you have installed the transmission into your vehicle, and properly filled the unit with fluid, reset the transmission adaptation values before driving.  Break in is 200 miles of normal driving under 50 percent throttle.  Once the driving portion is complete, verify that all fill and time values for all clutches have learned.

Follow-up and Support:

After you receive the transmission, we offer support and assistance to ensure proper installation and operation


This process ensures that your custom transmission build meets your expectations for performance, reliability, and durability, tailored to your specific needs and vehicle application.